Different Types of Carpet Repair

Carpet damage of various types can occur over time that significantly reduces its visual appeal and lifespan. Many things can cause carpet damage, including burns from hot items, pets, kids, and other much more, leaving carpet stains. At Team Carpet and Flooring, we provide professional carpet cleaning services and experts when it comes to repairing carpet and bringing it back to life. No carpet damage is too difficult for our team to handle.

Some of the different types of carpet repair include:

Loop Carpet Repairs

Loop carpet is made with both straight and looped fibers. As such, the loop can get pulled loose. The process of repairing this damage involves gluing down or carpet patching.

Carpet Seam Repairs

When carpet is stretched perpendicularly to the carpet seam, carpet seam peaking occurs. This condition is avoided by stretching the carpet parallel to the seam. If the issue continues, a carpet repair professional can take care of it. These carpet repairs technicians can also repair seam splitting, seam shadows, and carpet discoloration.

Carpet Patching Repairs

A carpet is vulnerable to stains in small areas. In such case, repair is possible by patching – a process in which the stained carpet area is cut out and removed, with a new one inserted and attached.

Carpet Stretching Repairs

A carpet can stretch if it contains excess moisture. Too much moisture can also make the carpet buckle. A carpet may also stretch if the installation was done improperly. To fix this issue, a carpet technician will retrenchment the affected area, restoring it to a smooth and flat condition.

Padding Replacement

If the carpet is in great shape, but the carpet pad is damaged or dirty, you can have the padding replaced without the expense of a full carpet replacement.

Our team can apply the necessary carpet cleaning, repair, and stretching needed to get rid of wrinkles in your carpet and bring it back to a healthy looking condition. Whether you carpet has sustained burns, fraying, or tears from pets, we have you covered with our exceptional quality carpet repair services.

To learn about the various carpet repair services we offer at Team Carpet and Flooring, call us today at 720.722.4441 or schedule an appointment for service online.

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