Experienced Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Louisville, CO

There is nothing that makes a Louisville, CO, home or business look old and worn more than dirty flooring. At Team Carpet and Flooring, we understand that no matter how much time you spend vacuuming and mopping, this cleaning equipment only cleans the surface. The buildup of dirt, particularly in heavy traffic areas, is the problem.

Our carpet cleaners specialize in professional residential and commercial cleaning for carpets and tile floors. Team Carpet and Flooring uses state of the art equipment that is carefully selected to ensure you a truly clean carpet or tile floor. Our tile floor/grout cleaning service includes bringing back the shine as well as removing unsightly stains in any room of a home or commercial building.

More Than Basic Carpet Cleaning

In addition to our professional cleaning services, the service technicians at Team Carpet and Flooring also provide upholstery cleaning. This is a great opportunity to make your chairs, couches, and other upholstered furniture look and smell fresh and new.

We specialize in pet stain removal, which includes the removal of dirt, stains, pet dander, and odors that are associated with pets in the home. We recommend upholstery cleaning at the same time to eliminate lingering pet odors on all fabric surfaces.

If your rugs are wrinkled or have bumps or ridges, let our team use effective, professional carpet stretching techniques to restore them to their original position on the floor. We can also repair rips, tears, or damaged areas of our carpet. Our carpet repair services are effective for small or large areas.

For all your carpeting and tile floor cleaning and repair needs, turn to the cleaning pros at Team Carpet and Flooring. To join a huge group of satisfied customers and amazing clients, book Louisville carpet cleaning services for your home or business. Call our awesome team of Colorado carpet masters at 720-722-4441 or book online.

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