Protect Your Carpets From Damage

Protect Your Carpets From Damage

Explore carpet stretching services in Westminster or Thornton, CO

Is your carpet covered in unsightly wrinkles? Carpet wrinkles aren't just an inconvenience; they can cause permanent damage to your carpet. You don't have to spend money on an expensive replacement. Team Carpet and Flooring provides carpet stretching services in Thornton and Westminster, Colorado. Carpet stretching can smooth out lumps and bumps in your carpet, improving its appearance and preventing damage.

Experience the benefits of carpet stretching services for yourself- make an appointment with Team Carpet and Flooring in Thornton or Westminster, Colorado today.

3 reasons you may need to stretch your carpets

Why are your carpets getting wrinkled? Over time, many factors can cause your carpet to shift and bunch. Wrinkles in your carpet could be caused by:

  1. Using low-quality mats for your carpets
  2. Incorrectly stretching your carpet in the past
  3. Moving or dragging heavy furniture

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