Carpet Cleaning FAQ

The technical term for our process is hot water extraction, but you may know it as steam cleaning because many times you see steam coming out of our tools. We use this method because it is the only method that is recommended by all carpet mills.

You can walk on the carpet as soon as we are done if you wear booties. Just ask us and we will leave some behind for you. It typically will be dry to the touch in 6-8 hours but may take up to 24 hours on areas that we have to work multiple times.

Your typical residential vacuum does not do well with moisture, so we recommend that you not vacuum until it is completely dry.

Not necessarily. It speeds up our process if the place has been vacuumed. What helps the most is having it vacuum ready by picking up clothes and trash.

Carpet dents occur from heavy furniture seating one place for a long time. The carpet padding gets deformed there and it takes a while for it to come back out. Our steam cleaning is not a fix for this, however, it does help the pad relax and speed up the process.

6-8 hours to the touch unless we have to spend more time on heavy traffic areas.

Great question! There are many variables. But for standard cleaning, figure about 15 minutes per room, which also takes into consideration all the set up and tear down we need to do.

This varies, depending, on manufactures recommendation and use. Most carpet mills recommend 12-18 months for standard use and more often for heavy use. They also recommend cleaning more often if you have pets. If you have pets, I am sure you have seen them walk thru their own poo and pee, which gets tracked inside, so you may want to schedule it every 6-9 months. If you give us your email address, we can put you on an email reminder at the interval that makes sense for you.

Please have the rooms picked up and tidy. We will move some furniture if requested, but we will not move heavy items, beds, electronics or glass items as we do not want to replace anything.

No, it does not. In fact, it makes them last longer. The fibers of the carpet will get damaged from dirt being rubbed into them. So the sooner you get the dirt out, the better. If you are vacuuming high traffic areas twice a week and all areas once a week and professionally cleaning them at the recommended times, your carpet will enjoy a very long life.

Yes, many odors will get caught in your carpet and we can get most out of the carpet. But keep in mind that the carpet is not the only thing that will absorb these odors. They can come from the pad underneath, walls and HVAC systems. So, when addressing an odor problem, you must address all areas.

We have great products that will attack pet odors and stains and we are able to get most of them out. But we are put behind the eight ball sometimes when over the counter type of products are used before, we get there and sometimes they can lock those stains in so that we cannot get them out. Remember to call us as soon as you get them, and we can help you come up with a plan to mitigate these issues.  

Yes, the products that we use are very safe. We use them on our own homes!

We love what we do and want to make sure you are happy with our service. We use top of the line products and your satisfaction is our goal!

Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

We clean sofas and chairs. We can clean most types of upholstery.

We need to know the size and type of material it is made of.

We typically will pretreat and agitate if needed, then rinse.

Yes, we can on all the visible surfaces. Our pet products work well as long as we are able to out product on it. Some situations require the replacement of the pad and treatment of the subfloor.

It varies depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation and use.

Typically, within 3-4 hours. But will depend on air flow and what we must do to clean the stains.

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